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Wood Fired Ovens

How does it work?

In a wood fired oven the cooking adds flavour to the food placed inside. The unique design of the ovens we sell allows thermal, radiant and convection heat to be trapped inside the oven and used for the cooking process. The result is food that is tender and flavoursome and have you and your guests coming back for seconds.

Preparation Time

You get a fast fire-up time with our wood fired ovens. All you will need is around 30 minutes from cold to when the oven is ready for cooking and the design of our ovens means that you will use a minimum amount of firewood during the heating and cooking process.




You’ll be surprised at the capacity of just our wood fired ovens. A convenient measure of capacity for our ovens is the number of pizzas you could cook in an hour and for our single pizza oven that capacity is around 50 pizzas an hour.

Durability and Maintenance

All our ovens are built to withstand the extremes of heat and cold and just about anything else that the weather can throw at it. You’ll find that our wood fired ovens will last for years and will require very little maintenance.

Cleaning is a breeze too and once the fire is out and the oven has cooled it only takes a minute or two to clean out the inside.

DIY Wood Fired Ovens

You don’t have to be a master craftsman to build one of our wood fired oven kits and you don’t have to spend hours sourcing the materials either. You get everything you need… including easy-to-follow instructions and 24/7 support when you purchase one of our wood fired oven kits.