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Water Features

Looking to add the perfect touch to your landscape design?

Lifestyle Solutions Centre have many years experience in installing individually created and distinctive created water features designed to set your garden and outdoor area apart from the crowd

With a tailored designed water features Lifestyle Solutions Centre can create the perfect water feature for your landscape

Water Features are sometimes the perfect focal point. The sound of water provides a cooling effect by day and with lighting at night provide a flicker of light to adjacent walls and through the canopy of trees.

Placed in a courtyard or front entrance they can be a dramatic statement or create a peaceful mood depending on their design.

Water features can be as simple as a pot with water flowing  over the edge to purpose built designs

Not only can they look beautiful, but they can also serve a functional purpose like blocking or filtering unwanted noise, be it neighbours or traffic.

Lifestyle Solutions Centre provide various types of water features depending on space and requirements using water features that can be custom made using a large range of different products or purchased and installed.