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Synthetic Turf

Synthetic grass has come along way in the last decade as an alternative to natural lawn
Lifestyle Solutions Centre supply and lay the most real to life artificial turf available in Australia

Not only does it look the part and add value to your home it also feels like natural grass under foot all without impacting on your water consumption

Synthetic turf:

  • Is suitable for our harsh climate which doesn’t require mowing or watering;
  • Drains and wears better than natural grass (no bare patches of dirt even with constant use)
  • Reduces allergy triggering pollens
  • Reduces infesting insects such as ants and the lawn beetle;
  • Is easy to clean, plus eliminates dirt and grass clippings in the pool and house; and
  • Is pet and children friendly
  • Putting greens

Putting Green
Synthetic putting greens are low maintenance and always ready for play. They look fabulous in any situation. The surface in our golfing range have been designed to create a fat, firm surface perfect for putting practice
For even play, the surfaces have a short 13-15mm pile, tufted to be non-directional which means a more stable surface across the putting green. With synthetic lawn fringe these greens are the ultimate luxury addition to any landscaped area.

Swimming pool surrounds
Having grass under foot around a swimming pool is a nice feeling when you step out of the pool. It is visually inviting and cooler than pavers on a hot day. So why don’t we see more of it? Because real grass around the pool is a nightmare to maintain.

Forget about ever manoeuvring the mower inside the pool fence,fishing grass clippings out of the pool,worrying about chlorine or salt burn from pool splashes

Shaded areas
Shaded areas are great places to relax or play on a warm day; they are highly functional areas that are sought after in our harsh Australian climate. If grass won’t grow there they become either muddy and soggy, or hard and dry.
One idea is that you landscape the area with shade tolerant plants, but then you lose that valuable shaded area as a functional space, or you can use synthetic grass either in the form of lawn, or a putting green to reclaim that space and make the most of it.

With synthetic lawn around your pool you can spend more time daydreaming, it has never been easier easy.

Lifestyle Solutions Centre synthetic Turf

If you live in Bundaberg come out to the Lifestyle Solutions Centre in Bundaberg and touch, feel and walk on the display so that you can see how realistic the turf is these days. Of course you can always buy some of the cheaper imported products, however we only use the Qld made synthetic turf which is supplied with up to a full 8 year warranty.