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570 Body options:

  • 570Z features standard body with flush plug.
  • 570PRX features in-built pressure regulation, flow shut-off, check valve and flush plug.
  • 570XF features flow shut-off, check valve and flush plug.


X-Flow® Shut-off (570PRX, 570XF)

Patented X-Flow® high-flow shut-off device built into the riser restricts water loss if the nozzle is removed or damaged, minimizing potential erosion or safety issues. Allows for dry nozzle and filter replacement or maintenance while the system is running.
In-riser Pressure Regulator (570 PRX)

Patented in-riser pressure regulator maintains constant 200kPa outlet pressure and eliminates misting and fogging caused by pressures above 200kPa.

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