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  • Radius: 7.6m – 15.2m
  • Pressure: 172 – 450 kpa
  • 125mm Pop Up: Easily replaces many competitive units in the same footprint, but delivers an extra 25mm of pop up
  • Strong Rubber Cover: The top of the sprinkler is covered with a heavy duty rubber cover to minimise impact injuries and reduce liability.
  • Nozzle Tree: The T5 comes with a full nozzle tree of 8 standard (25 degrees) and 4 low angle nozzles (10 degrees).
  • Optional Check Valves: An optional check valve is available with a hold back strength of 2.1m of elevation change.
  • Top Adjust Arc Set: The T5 can be set between a minimum arc set of 40 degrees, and a full circle set of 360 degrees.
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