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Pool Heating

Swimming pools are a way of life in our warm climate and when you make a large investment in building a swimming pool it would make good sense to extend the swimming period as much as possible.


Solar Heating
By adding solar pool heating to your pool you can often add 3-4 months additional swimming time to your pool.

There are so many factors to consider when designing a solar pool heating system, from orientation of the roof where collector is to be located, shade on pool, shade on collector, pitch of the roof, wind on pool, wind on collector, colour of the roof and the list goes on. Zane has taken the guess work out of this for you by using the software to use all these factors and more to calculate the most efficient amount of collector for your pool.

Once designed you can then see projection of the achievable temperature rise you can achieve based on ten years historical records for you area….

So be sure you call Lifestyle Solutions Centre in Bundaberg when you are serious about achieving the best solutions for solar pool heating of your pool, existing or new.


Pool Heat Pumps
Swimming all year round in your pool is now a reality with the development of new and incredibly efficient and far more economical heat pumps. Imagine an air conditioner in reverse and this simply explains how a heat pumps operates. Thermostatically controlled to provide you with an enjoyable swim no mater the time of the year. You can even use a solar pool heating system to provide you heating free from the sun, the use a Heat Pump to pick up the temperature the solar system cannot achieve.

To help you appreciate the cost of ownership for a Heat pump on your pool, the manufacturers will design a heat pump solution based on the specific design of your pool in the specific climatic conditions in your area. Bare in mind the heat pump must be located in a position that allows excellent airflow around the unit as this is critical for the efficient operation of the heat pump. To minimise the outlay in running a heat pump it makes good sense to include  a pool blanket to reduce the heat lost. The heat pump evaluation clearly shows the difference in running costs for your pool.

Call the team at Lifestyle Solutions Centre today to see how easy it can be for you to get the most out of your pool and consider a pool blanket to help retain the heat in your pool for longer and reducing the running cost for you to enjoy a well deserved and relaxing swim, when you want to.

When you invest in a pool and connect a heating solution you will get the most out of your pool whenever you choose to swim.