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Pool Design-Bundaberg

 13 Steps to building your new Spray Concrete swimming Pool …remember to use a licensed Pool Builder QBCC 742953

  • Contact us to make a time either at our showroom or your home for our principal designer to meet with you to better understand  your desires, ideas and needs to design and construct your new custom spray concrete pool, and entertaining area.
  • After this initial  consultation Lifestyle Solutions Centre prepare a draft pool plan incorporating the features discussed, and providing solutions and suggestions that are outlined on full colour CAD plan that is either emailed or presented depending on the complexity of the design.
  • Once the design meets with your approval, working drawings and costings are complied (5-7 days) again depending on the complexity of the project including optional finishes and solutions .
  • The proposal is emailed or delivered personally, your personal consultant will contact you to answer any further questions and make any further modifications.
  • With your approval the project is ready for construction and Master Builders contract is drawn up setting out the contractual obligations required by QBCC, and your financial obligations.
  • At this point Lifestyle Solutions Centre requires your soil test to submit the plans for Certification and Structural Engineering Design usually around 10 -14 days
  • When construction commences the pool is set out as per the plan supplied and your confirmation of location, and Datumn point is required prior to excavation commencing.
  • Once the pool is excavated the pool shell is re-enforced with S12, pool bar steel for maximum durability as set out by the site specific engineering design. Once completed the concrete shell is sprayed and concrete is cut and shaped.
  • At this stage the Pool Coping, Water features and pool filtration pipe work are then put in place.
  • Pool surrounds, landscaping and lighting are all installed at this stage.
  • The filtration equipment is then installed all prior to the final stage of the internal finish.
  •  Pool fencing is now installed and must be certified to appropriate building standards  before the interior finish is applied. The interior is then acid washed & filled with water.
  • Once filled, and water is balanced the handover occurs, where the balancing of the water with chemicals, cleaning your pool and general maintenance and care for your pool and filtration equipment. Lifestyle Solutions Centre use proven performing equipment suppliers making caring for your pool a breeze. Lifestyle Solutions Centre offer pool service for regular pool care as an ongoing service, when you don’t have the time, your pool stays looking great year round
  • This provides an outline of the process and construction of your spray concrete pool with construction period being 4-8 seeking depending on the associated works and the finishes being used on your concrete pool.