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When you are planning to construct decking for any projects, always consider the required lifespan and maintenance costs that are required. Natural timber decking can become costly over time as maintenance needs to be done every 6 -12 months on average. Even some composite decking may deteriorate quickly if the material quality is poor. When you use Decker decking, you can be guarenteed that you’ve made the smarter choice.


  • Decker’s Require no staining, oils or varnish; so saving costs and time
  • Has great UV Protection to reduce fading and keep the product looking natural
  • Need almost no maintenance; just cleaning on a regular basis
  • Uses mostly recycled materials, so is environmentally friendly
  • Are neater to install than normal wood decking with our invisi-clip system
  • We have a wide range of colours, finishes and profiles which are slip resistant
  • All our composites come completely splinter free and safe for children
  • Are mostly impenetrable to termites and insects
  • Have no warps or bows, so every length is near perfect
  • Are of the highest quality and extremely competitively priced

Decking Products


Decker Solid Composite Decking

Standard Size: 140 x 25mm

Standard Lengths: 3.6mtr

Standard Finish: Brushed and Embossed

Colours: D1 Mtn Ash, D2 Red Gum, D3 Spotted Gum, D4 Iron Bark

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Limited 12 year warranty


Envirowood Hollow Composite Decking

Standard Size: 145 x 25mm

Standard Lengths: 2.2mtr / 2.9mtr

Standard Finish: Embossed and Tooth

Colours: D1 Mtn Ash, D2 Red Gum, D3 Spotted Gum, D4 Iron Bark

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Limited 3 year warranty


Certain colours are only available for certain products as stated in the product’s specification.

D1. Mountain Ash (Sand Colour)

D2. Red Gum (Reddish Brown)

D3. Spotted Gum (Dark Brown)

D4. Iron Bark (Dark Grey)


Pictures and information sourced from www.decker.com.au

You can purchase Decker products from Lifestyle Solutions which supplies the whole Bundaberg region. We can also assist you with any information you need to know about these decking products and the materials so contact us today!