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Concrete Pool Finishes

A unique pool render in a range of 9 colours  creates a stunning pool interior finish. Quartzon is made from a high density mix of quartz, specialised sands and ceramically coloured stones providing stunn ing rich shades to complement our surroundings. Quartzon pools are smooth to touch, making them kinder on your feet and togs are easier to clean.


Pool Pebble 1-2mm
Pebble interior is the mixture of natural pebble and off white cement bonded together and applied to the swimming pool shell. Pebble is available in many colour effects. Older methods of pool pebbling where harder to clean and rough on your feet and knees; however the new conventional designs and applications mean that todays pebbles are smaller, smoother and much easier to clean.

Pebble interior flush is a mixture of natural 1-2mm pebble, cement and various combinations of coloured glass or quartz  chips. When these are bonded together they create a very durable finish to the interior of the pool.


Pool Coping
Pool coping is a key component when designing any pool area. Select from bullnose pavers, natural stone, Himilayan sandstone, Granite with bevel edge, nosed edge, tiles can be non slip vitrified or true coping pavers.

You can choose to:

  • blend the colours to flow from the pool surrounds of the pool
  • contrast the colour and style to make it stand out
  • or finish with stainless steel edge strips

There are so many solutions & combinations. Utilise the expertise of our team to create the perfect combination for your project.


Waterline Tiles
This describes the band of tiles in mosaic, ceramic or vitrified  that sits just below the pool coping where the pools water level will vary.
This line of tiles serves a number of purposes:

  • easier to clean body fluids that stain the waterline
  • required when using Quartzon as this must remain submerged at all times
  • the selection of tiles available can enhance a colour preference in the overall design

Check out our pool photo gallery to see examples of pool finishes.