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There is much to contemplate when considering the use of landscape irrigation and drainage systems within the overall landscape plan

Lifestyle Solutions Centre will recommend irrigation products and systems that are best suited to your project. Irrigation solenoids, valves, sprinklers and controllers all need to be integrated in the planning of the landscape. Years of experience in planning and installing landscape irrigation system you have in your hands a complete understanding on the most reliable irrigation products to select for almost any project.

Irrigation installation options include:

  • Manual systems
  • Automatic systems
  • Rain & Moisture sensors
  • Retro fit to existing systems
  • Add irrigation to existing landscape


A correctly designed irrigation system when programmed correctly will actually save you water when compared to a “slash & dash” dragging sprinklers across the landscape.

Lifestyle Solutions Centre irrigation

Seasonal adjustment control is a feature to minimise input for better control of water. Future technology is being designed to allow control of your irrigation system via your smart phone. So stay tuned for these new technologies as the become available and Lifestyle Solution Centre is keening monitoring these developments